Mega Antenna fulfils the consciousness and responsibilities of being a leading company in the sector with great effort and does not allow its quality-innovative production and service policy that determines customer satisfaction under any conditions. As representing a wide product range in the status of leader in the national and international market, our aim is to fulfil the conditions of all technological restructuring that will make a difference in the sector. Mega Antenna plays an important role in determining future technology by shedding light on the world of the future with AR-GE investments and activities, while presenting the best quality and durable product variety.





Mega Antenna offers a high-quality production equipment and an extensive experience in production range with a surface treatment, furnace painting, metal polishing in a single unit. Mega Antenna works with highly organized and fast workflow procedures in design, production, packaging and transportation stages. Mega Antenna products have been tested in quality procedures under harsh conditions, its quality standard conformances are highly guaranteed. Based on a continuous improvement approach, Mega Antenna raises the efficiency of all its processes to an internationally competitive level and maintains a quality, innovative and safe producing and service mentality.